The Challenge 

The Sunny Pear is a startup web design agency that was created in 2015 in the den of a residential house in Wooster, Ohio. Their goal was to create afforable cost friendly websites for their clients versus paying over 6k for a website. The company was created by a brother and sister. Since this company is starting up my goal was to assist the company with branding and web development 


The Approach

My goal was to create a memorable website for The Sunny Pear. So their guest will remember them on and off the internet.  Since the company is a startup company the needed a logo for branding for business cards, on the website, and etc. 



Having an identity is important, it's a way to be recongized by. The Sunny Pear wanted a simple logo. They wanted something that would make them memorable. They requested a simple yellow logo of a hand drawn pear. I simply created what they asked.


Scope of Work

Year: 2015

Branding Services

Logo Development

Multimedia Services

Web Development




whole website