About Me

My Name is Michael Wyatt, I currently reside in Akron, Ohio. Originally, I grew up living in a small city known as Wooster. I was introduced to web development as a young adolescent and continued to grow my knowledge and skill set. I have been professionally developing websites for approximately three years. I possess a strong passion for web design and am always up for a challenge!

What do I do?

I create awesome things, like websites, vectors, graphics, and web applications. I specialize in web development.  I help create a product that is memorable and makes you stand out from your competition. My goal is to help your brand grow on and off the internet. 

I am always up to date with the latest trends, not only in design and tech, but in human behavior as well. I don't just design and create an effective memorable product, I create an exceptional one.

My Work

While I am still creating new and awesome things, here is some of my old stuff

Contact Me

I am always up for a challenge! I would like to connect with you and help accomplish your goals.


Michael Wyatt

Web Developer & Graphic Designer